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Brain Tumors/GBM Stage 4


I had a very large 1 removed Nov. 5th 2015 they stared radiation the 22 of dec. and pill form chemo. now aother 1 grew back and the surgen said if he removes this 1 it will make me blind and no speech and unable to move my right side.the new GBM is the size of a gulf ball the other 1 that was removed was the size of a mans fist.they only give me 2 months to live and 3 months with surgery but like I said will be where I cannot do anything see speak move. has anyone you know been told the same and not put in this kind of state?I am raising my grand kids and they are 11 and 13 they need me!do you know if I have any better odds?

      I really don't know what to say other than never give up hope, or fighting the cancer. Have faith in God, He was my saviour, and can be yours too. But you also have to have a plan for your grandchildren, this is horrible for them too and if they do lose you with nothing set up, I can't bare to think of what could happen to them. I don't know what you believe in if anything, it is never too late and like I said God was there for me, and I 100% believe that He made it possible for the surgeons to totally remove my in-operable, malignant tumour. I am here 15 years later for a reason and He is still working in my life... I will give you my phone number if you want to talk sometimes a voice is better than reading words.

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I can give hope where there is none, I am a 14 year malignant grade 3 astrosytoma survivor. First diagnosed malignant and inoperable...I am sick and tired of reading there is no hope for a grade 3 or 4 brain tumor! I am literally LIVING PROOF there is HOPE!!!!


My experience is that I went through surgery and chemotherapy and radiation. I am still here and I have a few things to say. I also had a beautiful baby girl after all was said and done. She is now a full of life 10 year old who really keeps me and her dad going!!

none at this time, just a mom and house wife, doing my job! Anyone I see with a visible scar that says to me they too have been in this situation I talk to to make sure they are doing okay and are living life to their full potential. Don't ever let anyone get you down!!! We control us and our feelings!

My educational credentials are as follows: I have been there and walked the walked, I lost hair (that wasn't supposed to grow back, but it did), I was sick with the chemotherapy, and the best thing of all was I had another baby, she is my shinning glory my gift from God and i think these are very good credentials....

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Anyone I see with a C cut on their head, or other cancer victims, who need to hear my story to know that anything is possible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU are all my clients!!!

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