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Brain Tumors/malignant gleoma


QUESTION: Did nutritune play a roll in your recovery? If yes what did you do?

ANSWER: Honestly I really did not change my lifestyle much. I was a smoker and did not even quit that,stupid as it was and sadly I am still a smoker. However I have quit a few times over the years, and plan to again. Try anything and everything that might help!

Maryann Carrigan

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QUESTION: Hi Maryann thank you for answering my question, my husband is diegnosed with malegnant gleoma stage 4
His 1st  MRI showed clear of cancer and blood test is normal but the doctor still says his life expectance is from 1 to 2 years I guess my question is since you are a survivor What do your doctors tell you now?  And  are you a bleaver (Christian) do you think you are heald because of your faith?  Bcz prayer is powerfull
Thank you

I am a believer, and I firmly believe that I am here by the Grace of God, my surgeon told me my tumour was malignant and inoperable by looking at my C.T. scan. However, mom had taken me to her church and the elders laid hands on me and prayed... I felt the power of the, what I now know, was the Holy Spirit, running through my body. A pre op MRI determined that there could be a surgery. The operation was a success, with a total removal of the tumour, followed up with chemo and radiation.  I am now 16 years cancer free!!  God even sent me an angel one night to bring me my infant son as I did not have the energy to walk down the hallway to get him in the night, I saw my angel, there were no wings and I am not sure if it was a man or a woman. But I do know that my crying baby was in his crib then in my arms and I hadn't moved from where I was sitting.

         Maryann Carrigan

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I can give hope where there is none, I am a 14 year malignant grade 3 astrosytoma survivor. First diagnosed malignant and inoperable...I am sick and tired of reading there is no hope for a grade 3 or 4 brain tumor! I am literally LIVING PROOF there is HOPE!!!!


My experience is that I went through surgery and chemotherapy and radiation. I am still here and I have a few things to say. I also had a beautiful baby girl after all was said and done. She is now a full of life 10 year old who really keeps me and her dad going!!

none at this time, just a mom and house wife, doing my job! Anyone I see with a visible scar that says to me they too have been in this situation I talk to to make sure they are doing okay and are living life to their full potential. Don't ever let anyone get you down!!! We control us and our feelings!

My educational credentials are as follows: I have been there and walked the walked, I lost hair (that wasn't supposed to grow back, but it did), I was sick with the chemotherapy, and the best thing of all was I had another baby, she is my shinning glory my gift from God and i think these are very good credentials....

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Anyone I see with a C cut on their head, or other cancer victims, who need to hear my story to know that anything is possible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU are all my clients!!!

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