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Brain Tumors/Cyst on Front Parietal Lobe


Erin Smay wrote at 2007-08-15 20:50:56
I have a slog growing tumor that was thought to have been a cyst from when I was a child.  I had a biopsy of it done.  It was determined to be a ganglioglioma.  This is a rare tumor found in children, I am 29 yrs. old.  I was just diagnosed in Feb 2007 after having the same symptoms you are having.  My Neuro Surgeon said that the symptoms are not from the tumor itself but that it is from the type of tumor that is generally associated with seziures occurring in the left lobe.  I went to the epilepsy center to be certain, and wouldn't you know that is exactly what is occurring.  The fact that I have had a tumor for so long and possibly seziures that were mild that I took them for just feeling unwell all the time, has most likely caused scar tissue and intern has caused stronger and more frequent seziures, as my Neurologists puts it.  So what I suggest, is to bring this up to your Neurologist to look into.  My first EEG was normal.  It wasn't until they sleep deprived me and had video monitoring done until they found that I was having seziures.  Most of which I wasn't aware of and some even while I was sleeping, not to mention that they were lasting as long as 5-7min in frequency.  Keep on advocating for yourself.  I had to keep pressing into my doctors until they decided on sending me to the epilepsy center.  Good luck

kt wrote at 2008-10-24 17:52:51
i have the same problems and the same symptoms i was wondering if by now you found a second opinion and if so what was it

Penny wrote at 2008-12-03 17:59:12
I was just diagnosed with a cyst in my frontal lobe and experience the exact same symptoms, head aches, eye twitching and yes ear pressure that goes with my heart beat.  I had a CT scan that was abnormal so they found this when I had a MRI.  I also suffer from depression anxiety and unable to think clearly at times even spelling simple words I get confused.

I understand I will not die from this but to hear someone with the same symptoms seems that maybe there is something going on that needs more research.

cizkokid wrote at 2009-01-27 17:33:00
Size is a crucial factor in diagnosis, prognosis. Generally these cyst are inert, but in some cases where symptoms like yours occur, it is critical that you get a second opinion. If the cyst has began to grow or you are having an inflammatory response to it, your cranial pressure may rise, leading to more complications, and in some cases sudden death (rare). You need a second opinion, I am with a patient that has had the exact problem, and after the development of headaches, and mild numbness, she is in the neuro-ICU in Atlanta, Ga at this very moment, and has been for two weeks. The degradation of her condition over one month has left her not being able to recall what she had for breakfast, much less anything else. She's 29 and has two kids,... sad story. Your neuro doc is probably right, but I think its worth it to get a second opinion, even if it's for your own peace of mind.

Gagunia wrote at 2009-12-08 14:51:37
Hmm I was just told by my neurologist that I also have a cyst in the parietal lobe and have had similar symptoms to what you had described. My left cheek goes numb, sometimes followed by numbness in my left arm and/or foot. I was also told that this can't be connected to the cyst but now after reading your responses I'm having second thoughts.  

Personwithacyst wrote at 2010-09-15 06:16:12
Doctors seem to dismiss symptoms that people are having which could be connected to a cyst, even if it's a small cyst! How do they know for sure it is nothing? Yes some people can and do live without symptoms, but couldn't someone be the other percent that are having symptoms. It makes me mad that doctors dismiss a small cyst as causing these problems. I just read somewhere that the left brain deals with Language! This person is having trouble spelling!!!!! Language associated to the left frontal lobe... must doctors always dismiss even the smallest symptoms people have as stress, or nothing!!! Doctors are supposed to help people and threat patients as if they do know their own body. Every Brain is different, they should treat it that way and listen to the symptoms they are having and not dismiss them. I am sure that if a Doctor was having symptoms that could be associated to a cyst and another doctor dismissed them, they would be quite furious! I doubt they would ignore it and say, oh yeah it's just stress or nothing, these are hallucinations. Yes some people do have cysts int their brains that does not give them symptoms. It flabbergasts me that Doctors seem to forget everyone's Brains are different. What affects one person does not necessary affect another person the same way.

Brooke wrote at 2012-05-18 12:51:14
I am a 29 year old mother of 3 and just recently had an MRI because of similar symptoms. It was determined that I have a cyst on my left frontal lobe. My memory is terrible, and I have trouble sometimes spelling the most simple of words. (I was straight A's in spelling and grammar in high school ). Sometimes I will repeat the same thing many times a day forgetting that I already told that story, and when it comes to my long term memory, I can't remember anything from when my 2 oldest children were infants. I wake with pain in my arms and legs, tingling and numbness as well. I'm afraid because I'm not quite sure what the next step will be in treating this matter. I am however glad that there are others out three with similar symptoms and I am not alone.

Tammatha wrote at 2015-11-30 06:11:37
I was diagnosed w a front parietal lobe cyst in 1996 after being checked out for having stroke symptoms. I was told it was small and an old one and had been there since birth. I was OK w that. My headaches started to turn into migraines and the numbing spells and vision disturbances got so bad I went and had it checked again. I even had "ticking" in my head whenever I was walking down hills like my brain was lose. Every time I had it checked it would grow some more even tho drs would say it wasn't. The numbing spells I had was finally diagnosed as SPS (Simple Partial seizures). I don't know how helpful it can be to others that had these symptoms but I thought I'd share my experience. I hadn't been checked since 2010 nor to a Dr since 2012 because of no insurance. I got tired of Dr's saying it was "in my head" or was wasting their time.

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