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BOB NY wrote at 2010-02-08 12:22:42
My mother 79 was diagnosed with GBM grade 4 Sept 2009 and she passed away in early Feb 2010.she did all radation and temedor which had no effect on tumor growth.  

Stig wrote at 2013-05-11 08:18:39
Hello, my name is Stig and I am from Norway I have GBM IV and had my first surgery november 2012 I got radiation from the 4 of january + chemoterapi in tablet form and was finnished with this in mid feb..... this had no effect on me and during this period a new tumor came right behind where the other 1 was located.... these are on my right side of my brain..... I had no side effects during chemo and radiation.... today I feel ok after taking the last tumor in april.

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I will answer your questions regarding cancerous brain tumors and benign train tumors. I will help your with the research of your condition so that you can help yourself in making a quality decision about your treatment.


My husband had metastasis from malignant melanoma to the brain (3 tumors) and a friend of mine suffers from a benign brain tumor which she refuses to have surgery on. I can only make suggestions as to what you need to talk to your doctor about.

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