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Brain Tumors/Stage 4 Melanoma


dom wrote at 2009-07-27 21:32:38
I am sorry to hear about your neice. My sister is 23 and has four tumors in her brain along with who knows what inside her body. So far she is just past a year after diagnosis. I don't want to say it but all the chemo and Interlukin2 did were spread the disease even faster. We are hopeful because she went to the bio medical clinic in tijuana mexico and is on the hoxsey. They give us hope when all the regular doctors just give us timelines and statistics. Who knows, miracles do happen, and why not to her? So keep searching for alternative treatments as they do less harm to the body and help make the body stronger.  Good luck

jim wrote at 2011-03-17 00:24:07
3 years and 5 months later, a brain tumor 2007 the size a beef steak tomatoe, 2007 spinal tumor, 2008 1 year to the date spinal tumor, temadar, & interfuron for 2 years and cancer free. Its not good how sick you get but cancer free

Tamme Pinkston wrote at 2013-01-10 07:53:52
My 24 yr old Daughter just pasted away from melanoma cancer. Leaving three children behind. It started by getting a mole cut off her back,and it spread to her brain. It didnt take long for me to loose my baby girl. Her name was Tracie Lyn Pinkston Rest In Peace my sweet child... Im so lost without her, I dont know wat to do. so many answers unanswered. 765-212-2249 my home number. The doctor that cut the mole off didnt even check the byopsy till after he cut it off, How can he get by with that/

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I will answer your questions regarding cancerous brain tumors and benign train tumors. I will help your with the research of your condition so that you can help yourself in making a quality decision about your treatment.


My husband had metastasis from malignant melanoma to the brain (3 tumors) and a friend of mine suffers from a benign brain tumor which she refuses to have surgery on. I can only make suggestions as to what you need to talk to your doctor about.

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