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Brain Tumors/glioblastoma multiforme grade IV


Ruby wrote at 2013-08-17 15:25:53
While it's true the tumor itself causes swelling in the brain, radiation adds much more swelling to the area as well.  Steroids such as Decadron are always prescribed to reduce swelling, however, the side effects of steroid use are very bad and doctors will not allow patients to use long term.  This leaves the patient with no way of reducing the swelling let alone fighting against the GBM. While most doctors will tell you there is nothing that can be done about a brain tumor like a GBM, they still attempt to prolog your life by using their conventional techniques and medicine. Sadly, this does nothing for the patient's survival which is why very, very few people survive for more than a year after a GBM diagnosis. There is however hope by using non-conventional methods that are referred to as 'alternative medicine' to be used alone or alongside conventional treatments if you've already began with them. There is a large stack of evidence piling up that supports the facts that THC and CBD are highly efficacious when used against tumors, especially the GBM. These cannabinoids are found in the cannabis plant and can be used in a highly concentrated oil form also known as Rick Simpson oil.  Doctors can no longer deny its efficacy when scientists and doctors around the world have published their research and clinical trials in peer reviewed journals. Along with the cannabinoids, nutrition and anti-cancer supplements will help bring the body back to fighting mode after being suppressed by chemo and radiation.  Research has also proven the benefits of a ketogenic diet in which carbs are extremely reduced while healthy fats are increased to help push the body into ketosis. Ketosis is a metabolic pathway where the body uses ketone bodies as a source of energy instead of relying on glucose which is usually the primary source of fuel. Every cell can make this metabolic conversion so it's healthy and safe to make this change in the diet because the main focus of this diet is to starve the tumor. Cancer can NOT metabolize ketone bodies, without glucose it will literally starve and die. Combine cannabinoids and ketogenic diet with anti-canver supplements and you're on your way to reduced swelling, apoptosis of cancer cells and increased immune function to remove necrotic tissue and reverse damage caused by tumor, swelling, chemo and radiation. Some very important supplements to consider include boswellia and bromelain for inflammation, I used these to keep swelling down in my mother's brain and it worked effectively without side effects that steroids are associated with. Also, curcumin (found abundantly in turmeric) is an amazing supplement for cancer and the brain in general. Omega-3 fatty acids and anti-oxidants such as EGCG from green tea also play a vital role in the fight against cancer.  I highly recommend doing as was suggested to me and finding an expert, qualified, nutritionist who will take a look at your personal records, history, blood work and diet and lifestyle to help create and implement the perfect plan for you. I consulted with Dr. Jeanne Wallace of Nutritional Solutions. She and her team work with patients all over the world and have helped many people fight through this disease and come out alive, not just a survivor still living with the disease lurking within.  I implore anyone fighting cancer to find someone like Jeanne or contact her and her team directly for help. Statistics prove that those who win the battle against cancer do so not through conventional methods that have destroyed EVERYTHING along with the cancer, but by adding to their cancer fighting regimen natural routes to health and longevity. I also recommend the use of meditation, hypnotherapy, visualization techniques and exercise like yoga. When dealing with a brain tumor it may actually be easier to help a patient detach from their conditioned mind which is the brain, and concentrate on the mind which is within us in our soul/spirit/source of life energy. Finding within you the bright light, the burning bright ball of energy that is life, will allow you to control the body that your life resides within. Guiding that healing light into areas where the perceived body is ill, then you can heal it with your energy. It is this energy that is life and that moves on when the brain and its ability to perceive dies. Honing in on that energy will change your life in ways you never dreamed was possible. One thing I discovered thru meditation is there's no such thing as impossible...only improbable.  If you go within and you know you are capable of everything your mind intends for your brain to do then IT WILL do as its told because that is the brain's job! To learn more about meditation look up deepak chopra and others who have videos online that can help guide you. Glioblastoma is not a death sentence, it's doctors who don't have a conventional answer who are giving lethal injections and flipping the switch for the chair! Fight your disease the way nature intended and you will be sharing your story of how and why you are alive after beating a GBM!  

Carol Sealey wrote at 2013-11-29 08:45:41
Please do not say NEVER! I'm almost 2 years in and doing very well.  There are many stories of long term survivors, there is hope.

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