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Brazil/moving to Brasil from Europe


Biorno wrote at 2010-08-06 10:42:23
Dear Karolina,

I'm a recently graduated Architect in the Netherlands and I'm also thinking (no serious plans yet) to move to Brazil. I have no idea what the 'possibilities' in the architecture business are but I would like to stay informed before I make any decision.

Good luck with everything and maybe it's nice to stay in contact, since I'm very curious about your experiences in the future.

Jim wrote at 2012-05-10 11:11:12
Biorno and Karolina,

I too am an architect looking to move to Brazil. I am Australian and curious about work opportunities in Brazil. While i realise you posts are a few years old, maybe either of you will still receive notifications on response to these post. I would like to hear of your experiences or any advice you may have to offer.


Alena wrote at 2013-01-11 17:26:27
Hallo i found, donīt now how this page. Im Alena from Czech republic. I am not yet architect but i already finished school of architecture last year. I am already working in same field, but I looking for work in abroad. I looking for job in some countries and Brazil is one of them. I studied one year in Portugal and hope that brazil people are bit like portugiese people. I dont know portuguese, but if I will find some job there I will make everything for to learn it. Want to only ask Sandra, if you are already there and if you had luck. If somebody will read my message and know about some job or page of job in Brazil thanks for answer.... thanks of every informations. my email is


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Drawing on my personal travel experience in Brazil (more than a decade's worth), as well as time spent living in Brazil (especially Salvador, Bahia) and knowledge of the Brazilian community in the U.S., I can help with most questions concerning travel, specific destinations, paperwork for moving, marriage or business, and more. I enjoy helping people get the most from their stay in Brazil. I'd be happy to hear from you.


I have spent considerable time in Brazil, living and travelling, over more than a decade. I have travelled widely throughout much of Brazil, sometimes solo and sometimes with Brazilian friends and relatives, and am familiar with many destinations. I have done translation and interpretation, and also have taught ESL.

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