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Dear MR. Edison,

my name is Rami, i am Lebanese i have 25 years old, my father is Brazilian from about 20 years, im registered in Brazil, i have a "Certidao de nascimento" with this extra observation : observations: declarant was: the father transcription of birth recorded in accordance with Article 32, paragraph 1 of the Federal Law 6015/73 c / co Item 149 of Chapter XVII, the standards of service egregia corregedoria general of justice so paulo.
The condition of Brazilian born subject to this option for Brazilian nationality, in accordance with Article 12, paragraph I, of Alinea c federal constitution of Brazil

but the new brazilian Law : A Emenda à Constituição Federal (Artigo 12, inciso I, alínea “C”) e a Emenda Constitucional de Revisão nº 54, de 20/08/2007, estabelecem que são brasileiros os nascidos no estrangeiro de pai brasileiro ou de mãe brasileira, desde que sejam registrados em Repartição Consular brasileira ou venham a residir na República Federativa do Brasil e optem, em qualquer tempo, após atingida a maioridade, pela nacionalidade brasileira.

which give the Brazilian nationality for any kid of a Brazilian father or mother..

this law is not applicable on me because i am registered in Brazil, noting that the whole family get the nationality from the embassy in 6 months, and for me i am trying to get it from 5 years and i could not.. i hope you can help me  


Hello Rami,

I am not a legal expert, but my understanding that if your father is Brazilian; you can apply for Brazilian citizenship. Also, if you are registered in Brazil that means that you were recognized as a Brazilian.

The Brazilian Embassy should recognize your birth certificate (if you have the original document) and give you a passport.

Another option is go to Brazil with a tourist visa and regularized your situation there. You can always hire an immigration lawyer in Brazil to help you.

Good luck!



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