QUESTION: I am going to brazil next year because my brazilian girlfriend wants us to get married there in crato ceara... what do i need to bring?(docs) and after marriage she wants to go with me and live here in boracay philippines..what docs will she bring with her to able to stay here.. thank you

ANSWER: Your girlfriend should go to the cartorio she plans to use for the marriage and ask which documents they require. (Each is an independent business and may have slightly different requirements.) Your documents have to be recognized at the Brazilian Embassy/Consulate with jurisdiction over where they were issued. Then, they have to be translated by an official translator in Brazil. You may want to draw up a procuracao (power of attorney) to be signed and recognized at the Brazilian Embassy/Consulate with jurisdiction over where you live, so that she can get a head start on some of this work, before you arrive, since this can all take awhile and your tourist visa may be for a limited time. (Cartorios often refuse to marry a couple if the foreign partner had overstayed a visa.)
As far as her living inthe Philippines, you should ask govenment officials there. It has nothing to do with Brazilian law.

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QUESTION: Hi maam i will ask about sending money from brazil.. myy girlfriend was srarching for ways to send me money because she wants to help me rebuild our house that was demolished by typhoon haiyan.. is there a way maam? Moneygram is not possible if you dont have an itau account,thus western union  you need an bonco do brasil account.. and opening this accounts going to take long time.. thank you maam and God bless

It is very difficult and often costs a lot in fees to move money from Brazil to another country. Either try a bank transfer from her bank or try Western Union. I understand that she has a kind heart and people in the Phillipines are in need after the typhoon, but I think she would be very unwise to risk sending what limited money she may have until she has legal standing as your wife.


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