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Hi Frank, nice to meet you here. This is Lily from Qingdao China. I am now trying to export handbags and wallets to Brazil. These items are fashionable, good quality with comparativly lower prices, which have been mainly exported to North America before.

Pls see attached images for your reference. Do you think it is workable? More our products pls browse our

Also, how about this website: will be highly appreciated to your any response and suggestions.

Many thanks in advance.

Hi, Lily!

First, my apologies for not responding sooner.

Your website is very professional, and judging by the product samples displayed I think you will find a good market in Brazil.

The site that you mentioned - - looks good and it certainly wouldn't hurt to list yourself there. However, it has two shortcomings: 1) It's in English, and although many business executives speak some English here, it's not common. You'll do MUCH better in Portuguese. (More about that in a minute.) 2) It's a "passive" approach, relying on someone searching for and finding you. You'll probably have better luck here with the "active" approach -- you search for and contact potential buyers or distributors.

One good source of buyers is ABCON, the Brazilian Association of Importers.  Here's a link to its members:
When you contact them, I suggest you give some sample prices (in US$)and also that you stress your experience in marketing to the US -- that gives you much credibility as a manufacturer and exporter.

Another possibility is to look for a general agent/representative/consultant who can handle "everything" for you -- market research and strategy development, finding potential buyers, legal and logistics.  Here's an example:
(I'll also try to find a specific recommendation for you.)

If you do decide to translate anything into Portuguese, do not use Google Translate or similar -- they are low quality and hurt your image. Here's a link to a very qualified, professional translator (English to Portuguese), a member of the American Translators Association with a lot of experience with multinational business firms.
(A disclaimer: she also happens to be my wife!)

Best of luck!


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