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Louise wrote at 2013-03-08 23:39:27
Hi Jodi,

I, too, am seeking out the possibility of my children attending a Waldorf school in Bahia Brasil - from February to May 2014.  They'll be in classes 5, 8 and 10, so it's proving complicated.  I take it your daughter goes to a Steiner school here.  Mine go to Lorien Novalis in Sydney.  Perhaps we should keep in contact .....




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Drawing on my personal travel experience in Brazil (more than a decade's worth), as well as time spent living in Brazil (especially Salvador, Bahia) and knowledge of the Brazilian community in the U.S., I can help with most questions concerning travel, specific destinations, paperwork for moving, marriage or business, and more. I enjoy helping people get the most from their stay in Brazil. I'd be happy to hear from you.


I have spent considerable time in Brazil, living and travelling, over more than a decade. I have travelled widely throughout much of Brazil, sometimes solo and sometimes with Brazilian friends and relatives, and am familiar with many destinations. I have done translation and interpretation, and also have taught ESL.

I write for a number of travel forums, blogs and publications concerning Brazil.

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