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Hello Sandra, we are relocating to 'Brazil' from Australia for my husband's work (oil and gas engineer) later in the year so I am beginning our preparation in advance. I am hoping to enrol my 7 year old into a Waldorf school and as my husband may be away for his work the children and I may not need to live in the major cities so as is here in Australia I am hoping to rent close to school in a family friendly community where the children can play in nature - beach, parks etc with no car required. Could you please provide some suggestions as to locations for us to live? I have been looking at Bahia.

Thank you, Jodi

I am assuming from your message that your husband would be on a platform for a long period of time, alternating with time off at home. (Otherwise his work location, and its proximity/travel time, should be of more importance to your home location.)

From the way your message is worded, I think you may be in for quite a culture shock living in Brazil. You would be wise to think about living in a gated community somewhere not too isolated (for safety), and perhaps nearer to a larger city and where you might find some support from other expat wives. You will almost certainly need private transportation if not living in an inner city location.

How fluent is your Portuguese? Hardly any locals in Bahia speak a language other than their mother tongue. You should become as fluent as possible as quickly as possible.

However, if you are thinking about Bahia, there are a few Waldorf schools on the northern outskirts of Salvador, near some nice beaches, but close enough to the city to take advantage of what it offers. You would be much better off with a car out there though, for convenience of errands, taking the kids to the beach and getting into the city to enjoy the music and sights.
Escola Infantil da Fundacao Emaus in Camacari, a neighborhood where a lot of gas and oil folks choose to locate
Escola Acalaento in Lauro de Freitas, another neighborhood close to Camaraci
Casa da Mata in Mata de Sao Joao, essentially the heavily touristed but rural village of Praia do Forte, about an hour further north
There is also a Waldorf school in Lencois, the entry point to the Chapada Diamantina park about 6 hours inland from Salvador. And there is one on the Marau peninsula south of Salvador, a fairly isolated and largely as yet undiscovered tropical beach paradise, accessible to Salvador by ferry and bus.

As far as other locations, Brazil is a huge country with a lot of locations to choose from.

You might want to post on the forum of the Brazil expat site also.

Best wishes for a happy experience.


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