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Hi Sandra,

I'm a qualified, experienced TESL instructor who has taught English to international students, including Brazilian university students at a Canadian university, for 5 years. I would like to find a similar position at a university in a city in the northeastern part of Brazil. I am particularly interested in Salvador, Natal, Fortaleza, Recife. Teaching ESL is my profession so I'm looking for an established language program at a reputable institution. How possible is it to get such a position? What cities and universities would be most likely to require my services? Would you be able to provide pertinent contact information? Many thanks, Sharon

Hi Sharon.
It is not likely that any language school would go to the expense and effort to apply for a work visa on your behalf, proving to the government's satisfaction that no Brazilian exists to do the job. You cannot work on a tourist visa. As to a university position, the same conditions probably apply, but you could try any private or public institution in the major cities. Generally jobs in Brazil are secured by QI ('quem indica' or who you know that can vouch for you personally). Best luck.


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