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hi i am an indian citizen and i am in Brazil at the moemnt and want to get married with my girlfriend here, can you please guide me information and procidure A to Z regarding it, i shall be very thankful to you for this help.

A non-Brazilian marrying in Brazil s a very complicated and costly bureaucratic process that requires many documents, some of which may need to be issued in your home country, be stamped for authenticity by the Brazilian Consulate/Embassy there, and then translated by an official translator in Brazil, which may take quite some time to accomplish, often a number of months.  First go to the cartorio your girlfriend wants to use and ask for a list of what they require. (For the A to Z, rather than repeat what already exists, search on the expat site where the process has been described in detail more than once.) Usually, once you submit everything that particular cartorio requires, there is a 30 day wait for a date for the ceremony to be scheduled. You may be required to have a translator present at the ceremony if you cannot understand what is being said in Portuguese. Note that most cartorios will not accept documents or schedule a date for someone whose visa or prazo has expired, so make sure you have enough time on yours to accomplish all this before you must leave the country and return home. Good luck.


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