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Brazil/Area called Piraciacaba and Birth Records


I am in the process of obtaining my Italian citizenship and must locate my grandfather's birth certificate (born 26 July 1896). I have contacted the church of St. Antonio where he was baptized and they are struggling to find a baptismal record. I know his birth must have been recorded with the government and I was wondering if you knew any government agencies I could contact or email. I am unsure where exactly Piraciacaba is located. Also, you mentioned there were other experts who might be able to help me, can you direct me to them?
Thank you,
Karen Rowan

Here is a link with some information on the city of Piracicaba:

The availability of birth records online or by other "remote" means is very rare in Brazil. I think that the only way you could search would be to go to Piracicaba. Assuming that this is not a practical option for you, you might go through the list of current AllExperts volunteers for someone who lives in Sao Paulo and ask if they would be willing to go to Piracicaba and do a search (which you would almost surely have to pay for). Bear in mind that due to fires, floods, etc., there is a good chance that records from 1896 no longer exist.

Here is a link to the city's principal government office:
You might call them or send an email and ask for suggestions. (This will have to be done in Portuguese, of course.)

I wish it was easier, but I also wish you good luck!


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