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Dear Frank,

Our family is planning to relocate to Brazil and possibly Itacarť during my sabbatical.  I am an academic with two children.  My husband is from Peru. We both speak Spanish and are proficient in Portuguese. Is Itacarť a place that has not yet been affected by the violence plaguing Fortaleza? Can you give advice about any libraries there I might consult during my sabbatical?

I haven't been to Itacare for several years, but I've not heard of excessive violence there. However, Itacare is a magnet for the young back-backer set and petty drug-related crime. (Ten years ago I considered buying a house there but found the town to be generally unattractive and very over-priced. The southern states are a better bet, I think.) Can't help re libraries.


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Iím an American, retired, and have been living in Brazil for 8 years. (My wife is Brazilian.) I would be happy to answer questions related to the following: visiting and traveling within Brazil; living in Brazil (as an expat or retiree); Brazilian food/music/customs/traditions, etc; doing business in Brazil (except legal questions). Please note that I CANíT address legal-related topics, including questions on visas, passports, marriage to Brazilians, etc. (There are other, very qualified experts on this site who can do that.)


I worked in Brazil (for a multinational) for several years before retiring. I live in the south of Bahia in a small town on the coast, have lived and worked in Sao Paulo and have spent considerable time in Rio. Although Iím married to a Brazilian, I had to learn a lot of things the Ďhardí way about living in rural Brazil, and Iíd be especially happy to share that learning with anyone considering living here permanently.

I wrote the first professional home study course for the American Society of Travel Agents (but that was a few decades ago, and Iím sure itís long out of print!).

B.S., Education (Music); M.A., Hotel and Restaurant Management

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