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My wife(Brasilera) and I are moving to Brazil after her spending
7 years in USA.I  am looking for info about what we can bring with
an embassy issued atestado de residencia.Namely a 5 guitar collection,a home stereo,and household items,clothes,etc.
 We will clearing customs at the airport in Sao Paolo.

 Any ideas or contact info about this is appreciated.

We were in exactly the same situation 10 years ago (minus the guitars -- mine was keyboards!). You should have no problems. The only thing that is strictly off limits are any motor vehicles - cars, motorcycles, boats, etc. If any of your items look "industrial" or "commercial", especially if they are new, you might get hassled a bit but they'll still get in. (We brought a new 6kw generator and had to explain why to avoid a customs charge.) They can also be fussy about multiples of anything that seems to destined for re-sale, e.g., your guitar collection. Any documents you may have that show you are a collector, not a re-seller, will help.

Good luck!


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Iím an American, retired, and have been living in Brazil for 8 years. (My wife is Brazilian.) I would be happy to answer questions related to the following: visiting and traveling within Brazil; living in Brazil (as an expat or retiree); Brazilian food/music/customs/traditions, etc; doing business in Brazil (except legal questions). Please note that I CANíT address legal-related topics, including questions on visas, passports, marriage to Brazilians, etc. (There are other, very qualified experts on this site who can do that.)


I worked in Brazil (for a multinational) for several years before retiring. I live in the south of Bahia in a small town on the coast, have lived and worked in Sao Paulo and have spent considerable time in Rio. Although Iím married to a Brazilian, I had to learn a lot of things the Ďhardí way about living in rural Brazil, and Iíd be especially happy to share that learning with anyone considering living here permanently.

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