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Hello, I am looking to take my family to Brazil but would prefer the countryside or better said the rural part but with easy access to a town or city.  I am especially interested in exploring Bahia because of my West African background.  Where do you think I could possibly go with my family?

Well, I wish that I had asked your question before I moved to Brazil 10 years ago!
The part about "easy access to a town or city" is absolutely critical. There are hundreds of wonderful rural areas in Bahia, but most of them are an hour or more from a "town", and unless you are a genuine pioneer, your patience will be sorely taxed by the absence of the civilized infrastructure you are probably accustomed to -- like reliable electricity, trash pick-up, foods more "exotic" than rice and beans,a dermatologist, someone who can fix a refrigerator, etc.

The key, however, is how you define "town or city". If you mean a true metropolis -- similar, say, to Sao Paulo, Rio, Chicago, Houston, etc. -- then you must find a community near Salvador. If you're thinking more of a city with around 50,000 inhabitants, then you could consider places near Victoria, Ilheus, etc. Most of these larger towns are on or near the ocean, and there's plenty of rural area nearby. Of course, you'll pay more than if you were truly out in the sticks, but it sounds like you're willing to pay a reasonable premium to have some modern conveniences nearby.

My advice? Make a scouting trip with Salvador as your base. Rent a car and drive north up the coast for a week, then a week to the south. You'll find many interesting possibilities.

Best of luck!


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