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Hi Frank

I was born in Santo Andreas very near Sao Paulo on 10/13/1953. I am now a US citizen who needs an original birth certificate to apply for Social Security and need it quickly. I lost the original but may be able to get copies I made of the original. Any advise or help you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much

First, there is no "Santo Andreas" in Brazil. But there is Santo Andre and it is near Sao Paulo.

Also, the quality of public record-keeping in Brazil has historically been spotty (to put it nicely), so it may be difficult to impossible to locate your certificate.

You have two options: contact a lawyer in Santo Andre or get in touch directly with the Cartorio & Registro Civil (the records office there).
Here is a link to the Cartorio:
Here are links to some attorneys in Santo Andre:

Either way, it will have to be in Portuguese. If you are not fluent, you will need to find someone who is. (I don't have the time, unfortunately.) I would recommend going the lawyer route.

Finally, you should not expect a quick solution. EVERYTHING in Brazil takes longer than you expect -- I would figure on several months at least, but maybe one of the lawyers will surprise you.

Good luck!


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