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Hi I work at a bakery which is about to get a heated pie press. Do you know a recipe for shortcrust pastry (for quiches) which doesn't shrink when pressed out with a heated die.
I use a sweetpaste recipe that works, but it has no liquid in it (except egg) so it doesn't shrink.
Years ago I worked with a baker who made a pastry where she added the water at the end all at once, but I don't have a recipe.
Any Ideas anyone?

Hi Helen:

First of all...we use a can make more pie dough faster.

I have never used a heated pie press...but I can offer some things to consider. soon as liquid hits flour, gluten develops. As a rule, we replace about 2 tablespoons of whatever liquid with straight grain alcohol. This replaces some water or milk, allows for mixing, and makes less gluten...flakier crust, less shrinkage.

Then...mix LESS. The more you mix the dough, the tougher it gets and the more elastic, and less extensible.

Also, the dough MUST be bench rested before rolling, or in your case, pressing. The gluten strands will go from short to long and will allow for more shaping and less fighting.

Use half butter and half good quality margarine.  Or better yet...go all margarine. You will find that butter and heat makes the dough less manageable!

Granulated Sugar   340 Grams
Margarine          795 grams  If room temp.
Eggs          2
Vanilla extract    10 ml  ( 2 teaspoons )
Flour          970 grams

I hope this helps.

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