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QUESTION: I am using bagel boards wrapped in jute in the oven to make the bagels. Can I substitute linev for the jute? Is linen subject to intense heat? Is there a difference in bagel quality

ANSWER: Hi Bill:

We use boards wrapped in couche linen and soak them just prior to using.

You will notice no difference in the bagels.

Go for it.

By the way...I buy my linen from the art store in bulk!

I can give you a sample by email if you go to

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QUESTION: Hi Ralph, Can you bake with this at 500 degrees? Have there been any health issues with this material? How durable is it? Thank you so much for answering my email. It is important for us to find a sub for the material we were using.Again, I cant thank you enough, Bill

Hi Bill...

500F is where I bake them.

I soak the boards (they last longer that way)put the bagels on upside down...bake for about 4 minutes directly on to the pre-heated hearth until the tops begin to dry out, then flip them on to the hearth for about 18 minutes...golden brown.

I hope that helps!

My pleasure...that's why I'm here...keep me posted!

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