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hello my name is angel i would like to ask a question on a pastry chef.

My question is What kind of Benefitis can a pastry chef expect?

Hi Angel...

Well that's a tough one and here's the problem:

All of these schools are turning out all of these students that outnumber the job openings.

The owners of restaurants and bakeries know this and also know they can keep the salary down and the benefits as well.

If you find a well established bakery that is interested in keeping a good employee they offer some sort of coop health benefits and maybe even a retirement plan.

Some offer nothing and are willing to tell you to hit the road knowing there's a waiting list of potential employees.

Pastry Chefs in restaurants are on even thinner ice. The restaurant owner knows that if a pastry chef goes...there's a bakery down the street ready to bail them out.

So the short answer is none to moderate. Shopping for a job with potential is in order.

You must ask the right questions:

1. What is your benefits package

2. Do you include a retirement package

3. And this is a  big one...can I buy into the business

Are you considering going to pastry school, or are you already a graduate of a pastry school?


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