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QUESTION: Dear Ralph,

I would like to start a business and would like to learn how to make puffs or if there are any where I can franchise Puffs with different flavours??
But i preffer my own branding such as beard papa.
Waiting for your reply.


ANSWER: Hi Salwa:

When you say you want to make "puffs" you mean puff pastry, or danish.

Please describe the finished product to me. you mean a pastry known as cream puffs???


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi dear,
I mean cream puffs with different flavors

ANSWER: Hi again:

Cream Puffs, or more commonly know as profiteroles are made from paste know as Pate a Choux.

Here is a formula:

225 grams cake flour
310 grams bread flour
960 Ml water
340 grams unsalted butter
7.5 grams salt
960 ml eqqs
3.5 grams ammonium carbonate

This sould give you about 80 puffs or 50 eclairs.

Sift the flours together and reserve it for later.
Heat the water, butter and salt to a full rolling boil. Make sure the fat is dispersed throughout.
Have the flour on a baking paper and form into a spout.
Stir the flour into the liquid. Add slowly to avoid lumps.
Cook while stirring breaking up any lumps...about 3 minutes
Transfer the paste to a mixer bowl.
Let cool slightly
Mix in the eggs, 2 at a time on low speed with a paddle attachment.
After the first few eggs, add the ammonium Carbonate.
Add as many eggs as the paste will absorb.
Pipe the paste into the desired shape and bake at 425F (219C) until fully puffed and starting to show color...10 minutes.
Lower the heat to 375F (190C) and bake an additional 10 minutes or so.
Let cool at room temperature, not a refrigerator.

You can fill this with whatever you like.

We generally use pastry cream.

I hope that helped.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi dear,
Thanks a lot for the information but would like to know how long the cream puffs will stay fresh and if you can help me with the recipe of the chocolate cream as for filling??
Also what would you advice me to start this business??


a cream puff is never filled until it is just sold!!!!

The cream will make the shell soft...not very appitizing.

Pate a Choux shells are not conducive to long term storage if you're looking for quality.

Before we talk about chocolate cream and starting a business, it would be helpful to know in what area you are.  

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