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Do we need to anything to linen prior to attaching to boards. Can the linen be used in oven at 500 degrees./ Thanks

Hi Bill...

The linen is raw...the only difference between this stuff and couches is that one group uses it bleached to stretch on a frame and paint, and the other group (bakers) use it to proof bread.

We don't do anything to it. Just cut to size, wrap around the bagel board and attach.

Hint: you can staple it in place. However, most staple are steel and will rust in time. That's not a huge just have to keep repairing the board.

If you can find stainless steel staples (home depot, lowes, internet) that would be helpful. It doesn't have to be staples...nails are find too!

500 degrees is where I bake bagels, and as I said, I soak them in water first. I only leave them in until the tops of the bagels begin to dry...about 3-4 minutes and then I flip the boards and finish the bake directly on the hearth.

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