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QUESTION: Mr. Onesti,

Do you think it is possible to bake biscuits/cookies/cakes etc. in an oven bag in the oven? I mean in order to lock the steam in?

Best regards.

ANSWER: Hi Elvan:

I guess so.

But why would you want to lock the steam on cookies, cakes, etc.?????

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QUESTION: Because I am weird. Just kidding... Because I've read somewhere that if you place a cup of boiling water in the oven and have some steam while baking, the baked goods turn out better, which made me wonder if an oven bag would do the same thing.

Hi Elvan...

I think you're thinking of bread.

The only other "water bath" type item I can think of is cheese cake to prevent cracking.

We bake in a non-steamed convection oven. We use injected moisture for breads and not even all breads.

We we make brioche, croissant, or challah for instance, we use no steam.

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