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My recipe for German Stollen asks me to seal the fold after I fold the bottom of the dough over the top. It is to come within an inch or so of the top edge. I cannot keep the folded portion from separating. It is suggested to use some water to help seal the fold to prevent separating but once in the oven, it still seems to separate. Another suggestion is to place the folded over portion on the bottom of the pan when baking. But this mis-shapes the loaf. Any suggestions?

Hi Jim:

First off I assume before you fold you have somewhat of a round flat about 3/4 in thick.

Then, you correctly take the bottom and fold over to with an inch or so.

You then use your combined finger tips of the heal of the hand to press the fold together with a fair amount of pressure.

then you grasp both end and pull the loaf tips to form a crescent. The last step is done after transferring the loaf to the parchment lined pan for final proofing. (90 minutes @ 78 degrees F)

The loaf gets egg washed just before baking and then at 350 degrees F. And here I suggest double panning so as not to let the sugars burn.

You obviously have a formula that has a great deal of oven spring, OR, you are not proofing long enough. However, some separation is not out of the question.

Ok...I have a formula and method you may have if you contact me at

However, any discussions must come back here to this site.

Let me know how you do.


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