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Hello Ralph,

I'm attempting to make mini calzones. I've researched yeast versus baking powder doughs, but still not sure which to use given my current circumstances. You see, I'm in a foriegn country, and in this small town I'm in, thete's only one store with yeast. And the ironic thing is, the yeast is from ANOTHER country,with a foriegn language on the pack that no one here can read! So I don't know if it's dry yeast or what! Only English word on it is YEAST. So I didn't know wether to try it, or go for a recipe calling for baking powder instead. If it helps, the type of calzone I'll be attempting is dessert, but not sure if that matters-LOL!

Your advice?

Thank you!


Hi Rich:

Well first of all, you need to describe the yeast. Is it granulated and very small, or is it fresh in moist blocks?

In either case, I would go yeast. Baking powder or Baking soda can be used, but the dough will be a bit different.

I can give you a formula for normal pizza dough which will work perfectly for calzones no matter what the purpose, sweet or savory.

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