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I inherited my bread maker from my Uncle.  It's the Auto Bakery Model #FAB-100. Serial #21818785. It is old but used to still work fine.  Started using the bread maker this morning, after it started mixing the dough, I received a code HE02 and it kept a steady beep.  After 5 minutes I unplugged the machine.  I don't ever recall, receiving that code.  The bread machine would just go from one setting to the next until the bread was finished baking.  Please let me know what is wrong.  There is nothing in my little pamphlet that talks about codes.


Well...electronics isn't my field...however, the same thing happened to me on a dehumidifier.

There were no error codes in my manual either.

I went on the web and "googled": what is the error code for my dehumidifier mean and sure enough I got several answers that cleared up the mystery.

Give it a shot.

Also, if DAK is still in business, I would go to their site first and look under "support".

I'll bet there is help there for your problem.

Good luck!

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