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Hi Ron!

I have been reading a lot of the questions that folks have asked you, and your answers. I do appreciate the time you take to answer our questions and put up with us.

I recently came across a recipe reported to be Belshaw's donut recipe. I wanted your opinion of the recipe. Here it is:

3 3/4 pounds sugar  
3 fluid ounces shortening
1 pound egg yolks   
4 1/2 pounds milk      
7 pounds flour       
1 1/2 ounces baking soda   
3 ounces cream of tartar  
12 ounces potato flour  

Do you think it is necessary to study donut making with Ed Chastain? I am wanting to make a glazed, yeast raised donut. Is there a good source for a recipe?

Thank you for your help!


Hi Nettie:

That would work although the potato flour might make for a tighter donut.

I will get you a traditional formula if you like, but you will have to e-mail me at:

Also, I have used a Danish, laminated dough formula for cinnamon buns and I'm guessing this may work for donuts except you would bake them.

Let's talk!


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