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Hi Mr. Onesti,

I am returning to ask a question about macarons. I am considering purchasing a used mini Droppy s2. It won't be from the manufacturer. Where can I find a recipe to use with this machine? I have been making them by hand and just recently found out about this depositor. Very excited, but if I can't find a good recipe for it, I might have to pass it up.

Please let me know if you can help.

Ron Capri

Hi Ron:

Try this:

910 grams of Almond Paste
455 grams of granulated sugar
180-240ml (6-8) egg whites

Add the egg whites one at a time adding as many as the batter will absorb without being runny.

This should work from a machine.

You will have to experiment and possibly throttle back on the eggs to get the consistency that will come out of the machine with straining the machine or having a loose batter.


The Mini Droppy S2 Does not require modification of recipe where other machines failed.

Almost all machines on the world wide market are not able to piping normal recipe of macaron without alter it. (Even for the most know well brand of EU, Asia and US)
The reason is that software of those machines and specially the design of pumps are not suitable with the density of the macaroon dough.

Then the recipe has to be modified into a hard dough for those machines leaving a strong and hard tale on the top of the macaron.
Has our competitors like to call there product "macaron machine" I would say "shortbread machine"...

In fact, if the mix is set "soft" in those machines the product will continuously leak and have an irregular shape.

Our machines and pumps system are specially design for piping fragile product made by liquid and soft dough like macaroon.

Our machine does not require to modify the recipe but the way to make it has to be more precise and more controlled for guaranty a regular production.
(Use mixer if possible replacing hand mixing process for homogeneous, and control the volume of each ingredient from batch to batch for having the same mixed density when refill in the hopper)

This is for have a regular density of product and without bubble of air for an

homogeneous mix.

You can put liquid or soft mix into the machine it will be well controlled with a very good anti leak control.

You can set the size with time control at 0,01second precision and with 900 speed control of motor (in%)

This is why we get has customers references the most famous pastry masters of macaroon.

(Pierre Hermé, Fauchon, Dhara Dhevi, La Belle Miette and so many others world wide)

Our machines are made with the best quality components for guaranty an heavy duty and performance.

The big colour touch screen 5" Omron with is nice design interface is easy to use and can record until 80 programs.

Language is switchable in English, French , Spanish, ...

All  parts are available in the world wide market.

Virtually no maintenance needed.

1/What is your daily production?

2/What is the size of your tray (in mm)? Please find the attached drawing to fill in. A photo or details of the tray profile is important for the standard US tray.

3/Is the delivery address is "1317 MacDade Boulevard, Woodlyn"?

For any question please feel free to ask.

Please find in attached e-mail our brochure and VDO

Mini Droppy S2 French meringue macaron (Utube).mp4

Mini Droppy S2 Almond Tuiles (Utube).mp4

Plaque Customer dimens.pdf

Brochure TS1 030314.pdf

Mini Droppy S2 - Diversity (email).mp4

Mini Droopy S2 Brochure 290214.pdf

Mini Droppy S2 macaroon and cookies email.mp4

Tiny Drop RD-CF techno 2.1.mp4

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