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Hi Ralph! I haven't needed expert advice for awhile so here is my question.  I'm making nut rolls using a yeast recipe.  Can they be formed and frozen unbaked until ready to bake?  They are the little individual ones.  Are they to be thawed before baking or baked frozen with some extra time in the baking process?  Thanks a lot for your help.

Hi Darlene:

Short answer...yes.

Longer answer...AIR.

If you freeze them without sucking out the air, moister will form around the dough and it won't be pretty.

Do you have one of those home, vacuum sealers?

If so, start the vacuuming process but don't let it finish on it's will crush the rolls.

Instead...when the bag starts to touch the product, hit the seal button.

They should be fine.

Let me know how it have to try and taste's how I put on weight!

Happy Holidays and Happy Baking!


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