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QUESTION: My wife is highly looking for opportunity to set up a bakery in bread, small chops, pastries cakes etc but we find no such schools in our country to learn the trade practically. We live in Ghana Africa. Any advice. please.

ANSWER: Hello prasad

Ghana is tough and I'm afraid you will have to either travel...or do it by self teaching.

Option 1 The King Arthur Professional Baking School in Vermont, USA.

Option 2 self teaching...There are two baking books: Bread by Jeffery Hamelman and Fundamentals of pastry br Frieberg.

The best way is first hand but I will gelp all I can.

Is your wife presently an accomplised baker or pastry chef?

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QUESTION: No my wife has no knowledge at all in this field

ANSWER: Hi prasad:

King Arthur Professional baking classes offer the baking side as well as "setting up a baker" class.

I suggest you attend the Bread, Pastry, and business classes.

go here:

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QUESTION: I visited this site but could not locate any training facility (ie adagio).
please can you make contacts on a possible attendance of classes?

Hi prasad:

Well...I gave you every opportunity to visit the King Arthur site and register for class, and in return, you feedback demonstrated that you were unhappy with my answer.

OK...let's try again.

Go here:

Go down to where it says: classes and click on PROFESSIONAL

This will bring you to the Professional level baking classes.

Sign up for:

Introduction to International Pastries
Setting Up A Successful Bakery
The Fundamentals of Bread Baking
Advanced Bread Baking

If your wife has no experience baking, she will need all of this.


she can sign up for the Pastry classes at Johson and Wales.

I'm sorry, but someone with no experience has to start from the beginning.

And I'm sorry you are not happy with my answers, but I can't teach your wife to bake on this site. She needs to go to school, learn, and get experience.  

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