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QUESTION: Is Taco Bell's flatbread for their gorditas a common flatbread? Is it closer to a Mexican bread or Greek? How is it made?

ANSWER: James:

I have never been in a Taco Bell.

But I will tell you this, most of those fast food companies get in all of their products frozen.

And...they will be full of preservatives.

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QUESTION: Just a side question. I work in a restaurant that carries sour cream in a tub. How can someone keep the liquidty whey protein from seperating? How can it be brought back together? I'm told mixing it won't help.

ANSWER: James:

Whey was considered "waste" at one time.

In today's world, when the two milk proteins separate, the whey protein is poured off and sold to the Protein industry for protein bars and enrichment products.

You can not bring the two proteins back together.

In your case, you pour off the whey and use what remains.

Same thing happens in Yogurt.

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QUESTION: My friend suggested something along the lines of building a damm in the sour cream and it might come back together.


Animal by product proteins is certainly not my area of expertise as a baker.

But I don't think you can re-unite separated proteins that evolve in separate areas.

The proteins will win over the dam and separate one above the other...but hey...give it a shot!

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