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3 years ago I met the girl who I believed was the one girl for the rest of my life. We had some really great times but she came with some baggage from parents and just a sort of messed up life in general. It's really a long story but we had some real highs and lows. Anyway, we broke up because she cheated on me. 4 weeks later she's moved in with the guy she cheated on me with and his roommate. 4 months later she got into contact with me. After a few short text conversations, she called while she was out with a friend. To keep it short she told me that she's missed me a lot and thinks about me all the time. I shared to same sentiment. The next day I asked her to explain. She replied that she may have had one too many glasses of wine and that she loved her new BF and was very committed to him. Even though she usually has something negative to say about his laziness and usually refers to whats going on in her life as "I" and not "we". My gut feeling is that she's not really happy but won't admit it. So after that exchange she said it would be nice to chat once and awhile and stay in touch. I told her that I couldn't do that because I still had feelings for her. She understood and apologized for "bothering" me. However, it hasn't stopped. Nearly everyday we casually chat. She'll ask if I happen to be out on weekends. Mentions that she was hoping to run into me, Tells me the things that she loves about me, etc. She won't actually admit any feeling for me though. This has been going on for a month now. Am I being naive and strung along or does she really miss me and want to work things out. Her mentioning events from our past relationship is a fairly common thing. I'm so confused. Anytime I bring it up, the subject is changed. I'm over what happened to us in the past and would like to work things out with her. It seems like she's made some big changes. Changes that if they would have happened a year ago, we's still be together. I'm just not sure if I'm wasting my time by staying in touch. I could really use some help

In my opinion,

Yes you are wasting your time. Let her go completely, or as much as you possibly can. Get out there and meet other people. This will be much better for you in the long run. At the moment you are being way too needy, you are just an emotional pin cushion for her. This isn't her fault either, that's just how women are and unfortunately you probably weren't "man" enough in your relationship for her, and the current guy probably isn't either.

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