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Hello. My ex boyfriend and I broke up about a year ago. Since then he has not physically contacted me but keeps calling (I haven' picked up the phone however since the break up). Also, he has called friends of mine or asked them about me via facebook. I thought that I had made it clear to him that we were finished. Why doesn't he get it?

Hello, Ashtyn

Congrats to you for being steadfast in your ability to leave a bad relationship,if that's what it was.

Some people attach more than others in a romantic relationship, and cant break it off completely because they keep the other person in their thoughts, and the grass is always greener back there.....or they truly fell in love so separating takes longer. There can be many reasons.

You can give your friends a message to give to him, that you are happy, have moved on and wish him well, but you are not wanting to re-connect and you would like him to respect this and not call anymore.  

Or, you could agree to meet him and let him get it out of his system over a cup of coffee in a public place.  Be kind and nice, but not mean. And see how it goes. I don't have much info as to the "why" of the breakup, so this is a basic answer from what I know.

Just know everyone is delicate. yet everyone deserves respect and their boundaries honored.


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