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How to Breakup/Deal With Break Ups/I broke up with my boyfriend, but he texts me like normal?


I started dating this guy back in June. We became official in August, before he went off to school. For three months we had a long distance relationship but we would see each other about 2 or 3 times a week and talk every day. As the relationship went on, I felt that we weren't on the same level of maturity in a lot of ways. He was immature by the way he acted and the way he talked and thought. He also has never had a real job before and he is 20 years old.

I broke up with him and made it clear that the reason why is because our maturity levels weren't on the same level, and I said that maybe in the future if he matures, we can try again.

After breaking up, he still texts me... He'll text me and say that he hopes I have a good day and asks how I'm doing, etc. I don't understand why he still texts me after I broke up with him? And I'm not sure how I'm supposed to reply to his texts or if I'm supposed to...

The more I think about it, it makes me angry that he's texting me. Before I left, he asked me not to leave and told me about how important I am to him and how he feels that he can't lose me. He told me that I completed him and that he's crazy about me. What I don't understand is, if I mean so much to him, why doesn't he fight for the relationship by first of all, looking for a job?

The fastest way to mature is really by getting a job I feel like.

All of his words just feel empty to me and that makes me angry. Texting me everyday isn't exactly "fighting" for the relationship....

Am I being unreasonable?

No you are not being unreasonable you can only be attracted to a person who meets your values if not then how will the relationship work? You will just be bitter and angry all the time.

At the same time you can't force someone or expect someone to be something they are end of the day use this information to choose your partners wisely. You may still feel attraction for people who don't meet your values, but when it comes down to it, you decide and make the logical decision of who you want in your life.

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