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How to Breakup/Deal With Break Ups/Should I try to get in touch with my ex?


We were together for a year and a half, we were living together for almost a year. He left the house while we were arguing, both of us quite furious. He came back two days later when he knew I won't be at home and took all his things. I knew he would do it this way so I left him a letter. When I came back home, his things weren't there and the letter wasn't there either. The thing is that he used to leave me lollipops under my pillow, in my cupboard etc. when I felt sad and he wanted to cheer me up. He knew I like them. This time I also found lollipops hidden in a lot of places. Like a week later I received a letter from him (by regular post) but it wasn't a nice letter. Basically, he was telling me in it that he wanted to propose and I spoiled everything ...and that he doesn't want it anymore.

Two days later I went on a short holiday to visit my family, which was planned before and he knew about it. He still had the keys. When I came back I found new lollipops in my cupboards. Nothing else, just it...even after that horrible letter from him. That was soooooo confusing! Why would he do that? To piss me off?

Oh, I really want to contact him!

If it's really weighing on your mind then by all means contact him, just in my experience it is best to go "no contact" while both parties emotions subside and this will happen with time. Be patient and if he really wants you he will make contact with you.

Good luck.

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