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Hello, i dated a girl for 2 years. we are both 18 and we were eachothers first love. After we broke up she found a new guy and dated him. They broke up and eventually she came back and said she still loved and missed me. For awhile she went back and forth with me and the other guy and she lied to me about hanging out with him. Im sure she lied to him too. She hasnt talked to me in days and told me to get out of her life. Ive tried to call and text her alot of times and i get no response. She refuses to talk to me. I want her to regret what she did and i want her to want to talk to me again. How can i do this!

Hi Ryan,

First of all... I am sorry for the pain you are going through.  The only way to find out if she really wants to be with you is to let her go...It's the old saying... "If you love someone set them free...if they come back to you it was meant to be."  However, with this said... Don't you believe that you deserve someone who isn't going to play ping pong with your emotions and to only be with you because you are the one that they want to be with??? I think you may need some time to be still and really think about why you would settle for someone who is treating you as a "maybe" rather than a "your the one."  Good Luck..

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A breakup can be one of the most painful experiences in life. Whether you are the dumper or the dumpee ~ it hurts. It requires a lot of personal reflection and change. It's never easy. I will tell you that I am extremely blunt and honest in my answers. I WILL NOT answer any questions asked by anyone under the age of 18. If you are looking for someone to sugarcoat the truth ~ please ask someone else. Also, I am only giving you my expert advice ~ I am not a fortune teller ~ I cannot predict the future and my main focal point is to help you get through a very difficult time because I have been there. XOXO


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