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I have been dating a girl whom I'm deeply in love with for four months. We began our relationship several months off the back of her breaking up from a 7 year relationship, this slowly began to eat away at us and had now lead to us not seeing each other.

We met Online and were speaking for at least a month before we first met in person. After this time I already felt a heavy connection and that there was definitely something there.

She had told me about her break up and she was out to meet someone nice. We started to see each other once a week, until it became more and more difficult to be apart, we soon began seeing each other more regularly and she would often stay over the night.

We soon fell in love and things were amazing. Being with her feels like my life is complete and nothing else, no worries or concerns even matter. The feeling was mutual.

However, lately she has started telling me she feels guilty, as she wants to be able to fully commit herself to me but is just not ready for a relationship.

This morning she said she thinks it would be best to stop seeing each other as she hasn't got over her last relationship. She has been so wrapped up with me she hasn't been able to deal with things and she needs to heal. She told me she loves me but feels she needs to be alone at the moment so she can move on properly.

She said she would love to think we would have a future together and she would be a fool to let me go but doesn't expect me to wait.

I have had a similar break up in the past so I understand how she feels and I had seen this coming, although I poured my heart and soul into making it work. I really don't want things to end and I'm not going to give up on it either, I'm more than willing to wait for her, as something this special shouldn't simply be left and when she is ready I will be here for her to start the relationship we both want so very much.

I just don't know what to do now, I'm miserable, I feel torn up inside and what I had has been ripped from my hands and there's nothing I can do, completely helpless, I'm deeply in love with a girl I can't have.

I'm so scared that while being apart she won't want me anymore or she will end up getting with someone else, though she has told me she doesn't want to be with anyone. The though of it breaks my heart.

I can't imagine not talking to her everyday or not seeing her, she says she will always be there for me and she couldn't live without me, she's become dependent on me.

I just don't have any idea what I should do, things feel so raw.I know she needs space but I don't want to lose her, I know deep down we're meant for each other.

Any Advice is greatly appreciated, feel lost.

You have scarcity in your life when it relates to women. You need to build abundance. Get out there and go on many dates and meet many people, expand your social circle and meet many women. Otherwise you will continue to have overly emotional feelings for one person, and you can't blame her for not reciprocating or losing attraction for you, it's human nature.

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