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When I was in high school I met a boy.  We dated for a short time, but when it was time to go to college we broke up.  I still saw him over breaks, however we were never single at the same time.  Many of my best memories are with him.  We took some time off from talking to each other because we were both in relationships and it was hard to be just friends.  After graduation, I found out that he was moving to Wisconsin.  We ended up hooking up before he left, and it was the most romantic, sexy, and perfect moment of my life.  I had a job offer in Milwaukee, but I couldn't imagine picking my life up and moving so far from home to be 2 hours away from a guy that I wasn't dating.  He really wanted me to make the move to Wisconsin so we could have a relationship, but understands why I chose to move to DC instead.  I am heartbroken, and worst of all...I feel like it is all my fault.

Hi Jenni

If you want to go to Wisconsin and he still feels the same, find a job there and GO!

You only live once. Sounds like he was ready to commit to you-  if you feel the same, GO!

You chose DC, you can choose whatever you wish. I'd pick up the phone and see where you two are at, if I was you....

Best of luck,

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