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so me and my ex hung out about a week ago, we were very flirty with each other, only problem is I ended up having feelings all over again, during our hang out we ended up sleeping with each other... and we haven't had contact since, should I break the contact and contact him? or wait for him to contact me? I don't want to feel like im pestering him. after we hung out he kissed me goodbye and said it was really nice to see me and that was it. I don't have his number though we have just been contacting on facebook

Hello, Samantha.

Was this an X husband or X boyfriend and how many years?  How did this "hanging out" get planned? Without these answers it is harder to be exacting in my suggestions moving forward, but here goes -

I would prefer he contact you, unless there's an event you know he might like and it's coming up and you could use that timeliness to invite him to it. Or just to catch up for coffee, etc. But wait awhile. A month, say.

Let the guy come to you is always best. If he thinks you are  waiting for him, he usually won't call. I hope he got the message you have moved on and have a very full life so he has to "win" you again. That is the absolute best scenario - you are sweet, loving and kind to him, but dating and busy and he has to try to get on your dance card, and you are not ever going to be ready to go exclusive without some sort of commitment. Hope this helps -  

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