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Hi there.

So, I was recently left by my 1 year and a half boyfriend.. It's not that the relationship was bad, it was because his parents didn't like me and they were business oriented. In other words, they arranged a fixed marriage to link the 2 families business together.

We loved each other very much and he sacrificed soo much for me. From the first approval of his parents, his therapy when he had cancer ( Cancer Survivor now he's healed ) and every connection he has to family, property and finance just to be with me..

It's the first time for me to have such man to care that much for me and treats me very very special, I also love him very much and went through everything together.. He showed how much he loved me through life and death... he even said I was the reason he survived his cancer therapy.... His parents knew that... but that didn't really sink in later..

He mentioned something about going to Singapore this January.. and worst of it is.. He has a fiancee... and He was semi-forced to go.. the painful thing is he was semi-forced to go to avoid our relationship and also for his future..

But all the plan back then was abolished because of certain reasons from the girl.. so we were left alone for a while.. until vacation came, 4 months later( march where I live )

I was again mentioned about the leave.. and they found another fiancee for him.. I was heartbroken but at the same time, he prepared and talked everything about it to me..
He said he had no choice and we can't do anything about it.... People kept saying that if he really loved me, he'd be willing to give up everything.. but as for me.. I know he already sacrificed so much just to be with me, he had a very hard time just to let us stay that way..

but.. unfortunately his parents weren't convinced of my performance.. so they forbade us to talk to each other.... it was heart wrenching...

and the time where he was supposed to give me a goodbye.... it all went to chaos....... he saw something from my post a long time ago where my ex was.. BUT I was not aware that I liked the said status of mine.. It said "I'll be hurt again, won't I?" so I guessed it just made me like because that was what I was thinking back then..

but he was upset and said horrible things to me.. like... he chose the right decision to go.. he was supposed to give me a decent goodbye but sadly he saw that.. but I never meant to..

So there.. he also said he'll be getting married next year.. so I was really heartbroken... I would've taken it a bit easy if the farewell was good but it was not..

And I am left here wondering if he'll try and slip away just to talk to me again..

I have been hopelessly waiting for 2 days now.. and I know to myself that I MUST move on.. I must unfriend him.. but I can't seem to since I'm hoping that he'll slip away and talk to me about it again in a good way..

It hurts that our last goodbye was like that.. I seem to take it hard and can't forget....

I also want to forget about him.. but everytime, I kept thinking about what moments we had, happy times we had, even though I need to stop and get on with my life...

I can't seem to know what to do...

Dear Lyn....I am not real familiar with fixed marriages.  Thank god I didn't have to be in one.  I understand that your sad and hurt but if he loves you like you say he does then he would do whatever it takes culture permitting.  The truth is if he is going to be moving on with someone else why do you need to speak to him again?? He probably won't tell you the truth or what you will hear will only make you sad.  I would leave everything alone and let him come to you to discuss everything.  Good Luck.

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