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pretty much a how to question. I have been living with my gf of about 2yrs. when we met everything was fine, we ended up moving in together when her mom decided to move away and she also pregnant with our kid at the time and since then she has not cleaned the house unless its right after a big argument, she has become super clingy and our son who is almost 22 months old doesnt even know any words, all she seems to want to do is sit around and play on the computer or video games all day, she never does anything on her own and she will not even take our son for a walk unless I am there to go with. Its driving me insane and I'm 90% sure it is the right thing to do by breaking it off with her but my main concern is her family does not like me but know where I live and I just renewed my lease and dont have the money or time (I work 40 hrs a week) to move or deal with a ton of court crap. Any advice would be appreciated.

Hi Randy.

You have responsibility here. Your girlfriend and the mother of your child is obviously exhibiting classic depression symptomology.  Women often become clingy when they feel rejected. And then men also feel like they want to reject more, when they feel suffocated by a relationship - it becomes a nasty cycle.

Go to counseling with her and find out what the issues are with her, and with you. You owe it to your son to help him have a healthy mom, if possible. If not and it doesn't work out after you try EVERYTHING, then you can decide to do the best thing for your SON, rather than yourself.


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