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I have been dating this man for 6 weeks and felt like I had fallen head over heels in love with him. We had a disagreement last week and he was very quick to try to walk away and just say it was over. Against my normal judgment I talked him out of it cause I love him. Fast forward to this week and he did the same thing and I am sure it is over for good this time, but my question is was he right for breaking up with me or is he just a very jealous person. We had plans to meet for the evening at a bar, he was there with a guy friend and I was bringing a girl friend. I text him and told him to go on in(he was wanting to meet outside and go in together) and I would see him shortly because I had decided last minute to give a neighbor(a guy) a ride to the bar. It was at this point when he hung up on me and said see you later it's over. Then he left the bar before I arrived and when I text him he and told him he was being crazy and that I wanted to see him, he said to lose his number and it was over. He then called and I told him I was sorry that I didn't realize it was a big deal that I had gave the friend a ride and he said it was a very big deal and he was done. Please tell me I am not wrong for thinking he was a jealous nut. My heart is broken cause I really cared about this man and was so wrong in trusting my heart to him. Thanks for any answers in advance.

Hi Vicki

You did a nice deed to help another and this is how your guy reacted?

He IS a jealous controlling individual who would only continue to tighten the screw on your free will.

Thank God you just met him and are getting away pretty unscathed. Just imagine the agony of living within the destructive controls he would have added to your life if it had been years and not weeks.

You are VERY blessed to find out early what a wrong fit this was.

Also, never second guess your gut - you already KNEW he was a "jealous nut." Next time, RUN don't walk, away from these types at the first hint!

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