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Hey Sonya,
I live in Ohio and recently broke up with my girl of 4 years.  I'm 45 and she's 47.  She bought a condo which her and I moved into in 2012.  She then offered to buy PURCHASE me a vehicle with MY money (I have bad credit - she's an underwriter).  I wanted a used vehicle, she said she could get me a new one and so I handed over $3000.00US cash for her to buy it.  I also covered all insurance payments, licenses and fees.  Over the duration until NOVEMBER 2014, I paid her an additional $110.00US PER WEEK for contributions to rent and vehicle payments.  Last month she kicked me out and gave me 24hours to vacate and took the car.  Is this legal?  What recourse do I have?

Thanks for taking the time and I will definitely thank and rate your answer upon reply.

Hi Pete

I am sorry to hear this, especially during the holidays.....

You don't say why you two broke up, so I am not sure why she has acted this way.

If you made these kind of payments, you might have been better using a more trusted partner to purchase for you.

She really can't kick you out, legally it would have taken months, especially in some cities. General rule is if you are not being a danger to her or yourself, no one can remove you.  

Since the car is not in your name, she by this move, had you buy her one. I am sorry, I would seek a lawyer to find out specific rights in your area, but  it doesn't look good, unless you have a written documentation of the agreement you both had.

If you have any more info, please share and possibly I can be more helpful!

Let me know,

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