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Long story short broke up with a guy who i really care for he moved back to the east coast. We still talk as friends i guess. Hes 3000 miles away. Ive been really stressed in the process of moving etc. The other night he told me he got in trouble for fighting, he knows i get stressed easily. I ended up going off on him, he said dont worry im fine! I continued to say things. Today i text saying im sorry but i haven't heard back what should i do? The other night alone he told me he would never turn on me no matter what. He also told me not to care for him in the past when we were together.

Sounds like your ex is a little emotionally unstable. Since he has the tendency to be unpredictable, the fighting, the needing for love and attention by telling you all about his stressful fights and so forth, it seems like he'll come around. It's all a patter when it comes to these guys.

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Any questions pertaining to relationships and break ups and how to deal with the aftermath of a break up. Break ups themselves require intense coping mechanisms to deal with the immense pain, which are ones in which I have dealt with myself personally and have researched extensively to be more well equipped.


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