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An Ex recently contacted me on Facebook. Her and I dated as teens until she moved away. We kept an on and off long distance relationship until our mid 20s. She even came back and lived with me for a short period of time. Then she moved back cuz her mom had cancer. We lost contact after that. Now it's 20 yrs later. We both cherished the rarity of how much we really loved each other. And about how special our love was. Anyways now 20 yrs later. She's semi happy in her 10yr marriage and a child w her husband. Her and I emailed for 4-5 months. Realized we both still love each other in some way. But she asked for us to not email any more. To keep her focus more on her family. I should be happy that we found each other again and you never know in the future what may happen. But me. I still continued emailing for a yr and a half. Finally stopped now. They was more small talk type emails not begging. I wasn't much of a cryer but i teared when i saw her message on Facebook. And especially now we don't talk i cry out of the blue. Again yr and half after we stopped emailing. It feels more like morning a death. Any advice how to deal with this? I know not talking to her is what's best for her marriage and especially her son


I am sorry for your hurt over this relationship.

Unfortunately, you did the right thing. It is not wise to get involved with a married woman, who in fact is in a happy and loving marriage and has a child with this man she loves.

There is no cure for heartbreak. Rather, the best medicine I feel is important to practice, is just to keep busy. Get off the computer. Don't stay home and watch sad movies, or eat unhealthy things. It's time to make a change. Get to the gym, go outside if you can't afford a membership and start running or jogging in the mornings. Eating right and sleeping enough is definitely more than one needs to help themselves get back on track with their emotional well-being.

When you feel ready, it's time to start getting yourself in involved with a relationship that is emotionally and physically available to you!

Do you have a job? Maybe try and seek good opportunities to be making extra money, or target yourself out there in a field that pertains to your career of choice.

Hope this helps!

Best of luck and may the Universe be with you.

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Any questions pertaining to relationships and break ups and how to deal with the aftermath of a break up. Break ups themselves require intense coping mechanisms to deal with the immense pain, which are ones in which I have dealt with myself personally and have researched extensively to be more well equipped.


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