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So long story short I started dating this girl senior year of high school. We were together four and a half years. She dumped me the start of the summer going into senior year of college. It didn't necessarily end awful, but it didn't end great. It was a clean break though almost no contact from either parties except she texted/ called me for a dumb reason like 6 months after the breakup( which I didn't respond to the text or answer the calls and I'm like 99% sure she was drunk it was like 1:30am). Now the question is she just graduated college, like I said basically 0 contact from either parties and its been a little over a year since the breakup/ real contact. Do I send a short and sweet e-mail saying congrats, or let this go forever?
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Always consider -- what is the end result desired?

Work backwards from that goal to achieve it. Do you want to attempt to start it up again, or not? Just be nice? Purpose hoping to achieve?

A nice general themed card related to college graduation sent as a congrats, would be fine either way, but there's been no contact for birthdays or other festivities, so again, I ask you - if she ended it - and it's been graceful since then, sometimes not pursuing is classier. She thinks of you when she is drunk. Possible regret? A weak moment? Who can tell?

Sounds like you've been the class act since then, I'd continue that course.  

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