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Hi, I hope this is not too far outside your area of expertise.

I have a crush on a girl, and want to get over it. I met her once 6 years ago for a week long music camp. I had an intense crush thereafter for 2 months, and gradually it subsided for the remaining 6 years.
I just saw here again 3 weeks ago for the first time, and the crush reignited. We live in different cities, and deep down I know nothing would ever come of it, so I wan to get rid of the crush. She doesnt know how I feel. She messaged me after I saw her last, and I believe wants to maintain casual friend contact, but that is all.

How can I totally stop thinking about her constantly, looking at pictures of her on facebook, etc. It is taking up so much time!

James, there's only one way to do it.  Stop. There are no secret answers except for wisdom that you'll gain along the way. But that means potentially meeting other people or being insightful and asking yourself thought provoking questions. Like why is it that I am hung up on someone after so many years and we've only meet once for a few hours? What is it about her that I like?

Also, have you thought about potentially entertaining the idea of trying it out? Cities shouldn't be your reason; people travel. Maybe being a little more positive about the situation and hopeful could also just put your thoughts and "crush" induced psychosis to rest.

Hope this helps!


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