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QUESTION: Hello, I had 5mm of ductal carcinoma with 2 foci less than 1mm five years ago, had a lumpectomy which removed it and then a mastectomy because the doctor thought there might be more cancer, but there wasn't.  Now five years on after having had tamoxifen, oopherectomy, hysterectomy and arimidex which I had to stop one year too soon, because of bad side effects, I find myself being sent to test for mets of the bone because my calcium level showed positive and was .4 above the usual levels and my fosfatate alkaline was 127 instead of 120 on the blood tests.  My calcium levels had been fine before this test, and fine after, do these two tests usually mean that a person has bone cancer? or would it be an indicator of osteopenia or osteoporosis as a result of having my estrogen production stopped.?  If there is bone cancer as mets. wouldn't the results be consistently high?, also how could it be mets if the early stage cancer was totally removed.  Thank you.

ANSWER: Why did you have all these later treatments? You can NOT diagnose bone metastases just based on blood calcium & blood alkaline phosphatase levels especially not if these levels as seems to be the case here only deviate marginally from normal levels. For such a diagnosis you AT LEAST also need positve bone x-ray pictures and positive bone scans!

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QUESTION: Hello this is a followup from my last message when you asked why did I have all the other treatments, and I would like to know from you if you would have advised the same.

I had 5mm of ductal carcinoma grade 3 with 2 foci less than 1mm of invasion, for this I had a lumpectomy and then mastectomy with 13 nodes removed.  I developed secondary lymphadema.  I was put onto tamoxifen because I was estrogen & progesterone positive.

I changed hospitals and my new oncologist told me that I had estrodial levels over three times the norm. and that I had ovarian cysts and a myoma in my urterus, plus a polyp.  So they rushed me through for an oopherectomy and hysterectomy.  I was then put onto Arimidex.

I then started with horrendous pains in my bones and could only crawl up the stairs for about three months and hardly walk at all which was terribe as I have four children to look after.  My liver became heterogeneous but after I came off arimidex I could walk properly again and my liver became homogenous, so I think that I was intolerant.

The latest that happened to me is that somewhere amidst all the years of treatments, after the hysterectomy etc they found I had an atrophic kidney and the other one needed a pyeloplasty - I do not know if there was any connection.

I have spent five years being operated on for microscopic breast cancer and after affects - do you think I have had the correct treatments.  I just need to know for peace of mind if I have been put through the correct protocol.

Thank you.

Based on your description I do have my doubts that your treatment has been correct. But without reading up on your whole case I can not be sure. Thanks!

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